What Is Cold Water therapy?

Cold water immersion therapy is the practice of immersing yourself in water as low as 33 degrees. Whether in a cold plunge, a tub, or a shower, immersing your body in cold water for short periods of time will help reduce inflammation and muscle soreness, improve circulation and immune function, as well as mood and cognitive function, and will reduce stress. Most people who are new to this practice start slowly and at higher temperatures, then gradually work up to longer periods in colder water, to help them acclimate more easily. Cold water immersion therapy is a popular recovery tool for athletes, entrepreneurs, and health conscious individuals.

Cold Plunge


Reduces Inflammation

Cold water therapy reduces inflammation by narrowing the blood vessels. Studies show that cold water therapy helps to reduce muscle inflammation and delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS). A few examinations have surveyed the premium of various methodologies in speeding up the pace of recovery, with rest and cold water immersions(CWI), as physicians prescribed us icing for instant relief in pain.

Reduces Stress

Cold water treatment has been displayed to build your energy levels and further develop state of mind and general brain capability while reducing nervousness and stress. Plasma noradrenaline and dopamine fixations were expanded by 530% and by 250% individually. These two strong synapses assist with directing basic physical processes like controlling sleep, and blood pressure; and assume a vital part in development, delight, inspiration, and learning.

Improved Health

Cold water treatment supports cardiovascular circulation which is useful for a healthy heart and more robust immune system. CWI triggers the invulnerable system's white blood cells and activates your lymphatic system to pump lymph fluids throughout your body and flush out waste. So this will automatically improve your health and definitely slow down your aging process too.

Improved Sleep

CWI has been shown to further develop sleep quality. One investigation discovered that competitors who submerge themselves in cold water for ten minutes after night practice experience a drop in core body temperature, less evening feelings of excitement, and a more significant proportion of deep sleep within the first three hours of sleep. This improvement in sleep also contributes to athletic recovery and overall well-being.

reviving the pros

Nowadays, most professional athletes, leaders, celebrities, and influencers are moving towards cold water therapy.