How we got here

Ben Thompson, a native Alaskan, an entrepreneur and former professional motorcycle racer, was always looking for ways to improve his mental and physical performance and recovery.

He had heard about the benefits of cold plunges, but couldn't find a brand that met his standards for quality, affordability, and ease of use.

Like so many, he started by making his own plunge using a stock tank and by making daily runs to the store to get as much ice as they had. After tiring of the daily ice runs, the logical progression was to do a chest freezer conversion. After living with that for 6 months and having to deal with all the maintenance headaches, and electrocution that came with that, he was done.

Ben decided to develop his own line of cold plunges, and was determined to come up with a better solution to help others improve their lives as well as his own. He spent years researching, designing, and developing these products with the best manufacturers around the world, while consulting with health and fitness experts to ensure that his product was everything that they wanted at a price that made it accessible to the masses.

Fast forward to today- After years of hard work and too many revisions and modifications to count, Revive Plunge as it’s known today, is now a reality. Revive Plunge is a well-respected brand in the health and fitness industry, and Ben is proud of the impact it has had on the lives of athletes and health conscious individuals around the world. He is grateful for the opportunity to create a product that helps people achieve their goals and feel their best!

Some of our favorite BENefits