The Warm up

Stand close to the tub, prepared to get in. Pay attention to your thoughts and how your body reacts before even entering the water. Take a deep breath and use a few long, full breaths to relax your body and reach a state of acceptance rather than resistance. Embrace the challenges that are about to come, and remember why you are doing this.

The Practice

Step into the tub and take a deep breath in. As you exhale, lower yourself in until you're sitting on the bottom. The shock of the cold water will be intense, but focus on taking deep and intentional breaths in through the nose, then out through your mouth making a "shhh" sound. Then switch to deep breaths in through the nose and slow, long breaths out. This helps our body take control and cope with even the most stressful and uncomfortable situations.

THe cooldown

Exit the tub and continue to breathe. Try to resist the urge to quickly grab a towel. Taking a few seconds to allow your body to adjust naturally will help you return to balance faster with fewer shudders. Do some bodyweight squats or any movement that feels good to help bring blood flow back to your arms and legs. This is where the real benefit occurs, so stay present with any sensations you may feel. Take advantage of the rejuvenation you now have and go tackle the day!

What People Are Saying

"By using the breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques as I enter the ice bath, I've noticed my fear of the cold gradually decreasing and that I'm actually craving it every morning now! I love using The Revive tub because it absolutely helps jumpstart my day."

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